Cerebral Palsy Links and Support Groups

Those feeling the effects of cerebral palsy may feel overwhelmed and alone at times. Fortunately, there are many different support groups to help parents and their children.

These resources will help put parents in touch with others who are experiencing the same types of problems, and with organizations which offer support and assistance.

Links to Cerebral Palsy Facts and General Information

There are literally hundreds of links on the web that provide information about cerebral palsy. The following list includes just a few to help you get started.

Websites and Information from Others with Cerebral Palsy

Not everyone has the same experiences with cerebral palsy, so it can be very helpful to speak with others who are dealing with the condition. These websites will connect you with people who have cerebral palsy and are willing to discuss their condition. This will help you learn about the challenges other people face and help you better understand how to deal with your own challenges in a positive manner.

Information about Collecting Disability Benefits

Those who are suffering from cerebral palsy are often unable to pursue a career on a regular basis. These websites will provide information about collecting disability benefits or at least helping parents cover expenses of those disabilities.

Guide to Transportation for Those with Cerebral Palsy

Anyone who has cerebral palsy needs to still feel he or she is independent. Those with CP must be able to secure transportation in order to get places, whether this means having public transportation that can cater to those with disabilities or a vehicle that has been modified to allow those with CP to drive or ride comfortably.

Housing Information and Links

Those with cerebral palsy and/or their caregivers often have a difficult time finding housing they can afford or that has the necessary accommodations for their disabilities. The following websites and associated links will help those who need to finding appropriate housing or help moving.

Links to Home Modifications and Safety

Some it is necessary to make modifications to a home in order to make it possible for those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to living independently. This includes not just modifications to help them move around easily, but also additional safety features that might be necessary. The following links provide information about making necessary accommodations or those with disabilities.

  • Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living – Blog provides a link to an AARP website with facts about making home modifications in order to accommodate those with disabilities including cerebral palsy.
  • Home Safety for People with Disabilities – Website providing tips for implementing and maintaining safety equipment in homes where the disabled live.
  • Home Advisor – Provides information on costs associated with making modifications to a home in order to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities.
  • Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide – Includes tips for maintaining fire safety for those with disabilities, and a list of additional resources on fire safety for those who have cerebral palsy and other disabilities.
  • ConsumerAffairs Stair Lift Buyer’s Guide – Contains consumer information regarding stairlifts, including brand comparisons, features, and customer reviews.

Personal Finance

Those with cerebral palsy and their caregivers have financial needs. The following links provide information on various personal finance topics that are both helpful and necessary for those with disabilities and their caregivers.